Monday, July 21, 2008

Jathaka Katha Site

New site containing list of jathaka stories with pictures (Sinhala language). Seem to be a great effort by the site creators.


Indira Fernando said...

It would be really good if the site could be translated into English. In Sinhala there are many books too. There is a large non sinhala Buddhist crowd who wants to read Jatha stories.

Krishantha said...

Hi Indira,

Now the site has been translated to English. Happy reading and bless of Dhamma.


kasun said...

i tried to access that site but I couldn't please try to visit that site again.

sbobet said...

thanks ysboou for arsbochive

Ranga said...

When I tried to get the PDF Sinhala version, it ended up with a error message. Anyone know how to do it?